About Us - LuLove

You have a story to share. LuLove is made to be a part of it.

We believe that everything we wear has to be more than just an accessory; it has to be a part of ourselves.

That is exactly why we provide custom engravings for a majority of our products, thus transforming our high quality items into unique pieces of art that tell YOUR story.

“I founded LuLove to highlight the feelings people want to express with jewelry and other gifts. More than three decades ago, my family set up their first shop in Israel. Since then, we have met thousands of people coming to us looking for a special gift for their loved ones or to celebrate themselves.”

Oleg Mishchuk, founder at LuLove

Inspired by Israel, charmed by you

Our products are hand-made by local Israeli designers. When giving a name to our brand, we have united 2 words that mean a lot to us: -lulav, the sprout of the palm leaf traditionally used to celebrate the Jewish holiday Sukkot -Love, the feeling that is the basis of every gift you give. Besides the inspiration from local traditions, LuLove jewelry gets enriched by powerful blessings or your personal engravings and becomes a magical amulet

Behind The Brand

Formulated with wildcrafted plant extracts and essential oils, our moods are named for the benefits their ingredients provide and how they make you feel.

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